Photograph not only what you see but also what you feel.
— Ansel Adams

My name is Bob Ditty, but hey, you already know that from the website and logo.  I grew up in Ohio, USA and worked many years as a voice telecom manager in a fortune 50 company.  In 2014, I moved to Uganda, Africa where I currently reside.  My goal in life now is to help businesses, NGO's, ministries, non-profits to get their story from East Africa out to the world.  The best way to do that, i believe, is with media. The world has become smaller now with the invention of the internet.  Let's make the best use of it. 


Filmmaking and photography are my passions. I strive not just to tell a story but to "feel" the story.  I know that may be a strange concept but it's an honest description of how I approach my craft.  I wrestle with every film and photo I shoot.  Even though not totally achievable, I strive to wring perfection out of every film and photo that I work on.  If that is all you ever know about me, it certainly is enough to say you know me well.  


Curious about the equipment I use.  Check it out here.