My first love.  Landscape photographs are what got me into photography.  I love every aspect of this.  It gets me back to my love for nature. I just melt into the environment and try to get the best possible photo from what I'm seeing and feeling at that moment.



What can I say?  When in Africa!  I'm blessed to be living in a corner of the world with beautiful creatures!



Taking cultural photos sometimes is tricky.  You don't just want to shoot and make the subjects feel like they are on display.  Many times I try and establish a connection with them first.  Letting them know they are valued and loved.  This often times produces a better photo but also lets them know the truth. .



I love to take photos of people by taking photographs doing what they love to do.   Getting to know them first is key to getting a timeless photo.


Black & White

There is something timeless and classic about Black & White photography.